Instant Verification at
Your Fingertips

With TekSign and TekServe, obtain e-signatures and e-serve with just a few clicks.

Discovery Innovation with Technology

Effortless Verifications

It’s never been easier to get signed verifications.

  • Clients receive a link via text or email
  • Clients can simply sign with their finger
  • No more printing, scanning, or physically mailing documents

Elevate Your Practice

Showcase your use of legal innovation.

  • Foster efficient interaction with opposing counsel
  • Strengthens your legal reputation
  • Increases staff productivity

Increase Efficiency

Expedite the discovery process and take on more cases.

  • Quickly get signed verifications with TekSign
  • TekServe sends documents to opposing counsel within seconds
  • Increase efficiency & close cases faster


Get a sneak peek at the future for your law firm.

How TekSign and TekServe Works

Leverage technology to streamline the discovery process.


Request Client Verification

Send the final discovery response to the client for verification and signature.


Client Signs Verification

Your client receives a link to review the document and sign from their phone and email.


Receive Signed Verification

Once your client completes the signature, the verified documents are promptly sent back to you in PDF format.


E-Serve Opposing Counsel

With just a few clicks, you can send all necessary documents, including the signed verification, to opposing counsel. Expedite communication with efficiency and ease.

* - only available in states that don’t require a notary

“This product is a game changer. Clients don't have to "come to the office" to sign verifications. They can sign from their phone. They can even add responses on their own.”

Sean A.


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Client Communication

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1-Click Objections

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Verifications + E-Serve

Send & receive documents electronically

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