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Simplifying Objections with Technology

Increase Efficiency

Effortlessly manage your objections.

  • Insert customized objections in 1-click
  • Eliminate repetitive copy & paste
  • Minimize the risk of errors

Simplify Objections

Streamlined responses at your fingertips.

  • Access a library of standard objections for instant use
  • Standardize objections through your organization
  • Streamline the response drafting process

Customization Tools

Tailor, assign and modify objections with ease.

  • Add & edit unique objections for each case
  • Modify objections on-the-fly for changing case strategies
  • Assign and search objections to collaborate with ease


Get a sneak peek at the future for your law firm.

How 1-Click Objections Work

Discover how easy it is for your team to add, insert, edit & assign objections.


Insert Objections

Check boxes next to the objection you want to add with just 1-click.


Add & Edit Objections

Customize your objections to suit the unique parameters of each case.


Customize & Assign Objections

Personalize objections to match the unique voice and style of each attorney.


Search & Organize Objections

Leverage tools that make it easy to search for objections by attorney name, objection title or keywords.

“ EsquireTek not only has the objections ready for me, but it translates PDF's into word docs very accurately. The AI/Tech is really that good.”

Aria F.

Principal Attorney

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