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There is nothing more valuable than time



With EsquireTek’s new groundbreaking software, endless hours of preparing discovery responses, creating shells and adding objections are reduced to a few clicks.

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Simplify the process

  • Expedite the most labor-intensive tasks of running a law firm
  • No more retyping discovery requests or dealing with tedious reformatting
  • Simply upload your document and let artificial intelligence do the rest
  • Click to choose from a list of standard objections or customize your own
  • Easily track unanswered requests
  • Text a completion request link to your client to fill in at their leisure
  • Free up more time for other pending business
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EsquireTek is the only tool that allows clients to respond to discovery requests from their phone. With just a few minutes and a few clicks you can create discovery shells and send requests directly to your clients phone.


Time is your most valuable resource and you can now spend it focusing on your clients while AI handles the conversion from PDF to word and text messaging helps get the responses from the client. EsquireTek is the fastest way in the world to handle discovery.


Break free from traditional monthly and yearly subscriptions. With EsquireTek you only pay for what you use. Discovery shells start at just $9.95 and you only pay for the ones you want. No yearly commitment and no monthly subscription.


The EsquireTek platform has been developed using CIS Benchmarks, the internationally recognized cybersecurity standards. Clients can be confident that any information transferred will remain confidential and secure.

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