Client Communication

Send discovery questions via text & allow technology to manage responses 24/7.

Text-Enabled Automation for Clients

Improve Client Response Times

Boost client response times up to 70%.

  • Send and recieve client responses via text or email
  • 24/7 response management from anywhere, anytime
  • Clients can use their preferred communication channel

Streamline Response Management

Eliminate time-consuming calls & follow-up.

  • Auto-insert client responses into discovery documents
  • Track responses & schedule client reminder notifications
  • Maximize time savings with automation technology

Adaptive Innovation

Offer forward-thinking tools that elevate your firm.

  • Leverage cutting-edge tools to automate tasks
  • Provide flexible options that fit client schedules and needs
  • Enhance client satisfaction with advanced technology


Get a sneak peek at the future for your law firm.

How Client Response Automation Works

Simplify client responses with flexible communication tools.


Send Questions to Your Client

Select the discovery questions that you would like your client to answer. Send them instantly via text & email with a few clicks.


Automate Client Reminders

Enable notifications that automatically remind clients to respond to unanswered questions. You have the flexibility to set the frequency and duration.


Automated Response Management

Increase efficiency as client responses automatically populate into the relevant sections of your discovery document. Say goodbye to manual entry and copy & paste!


Review & Edit Responses

Effortlessly review client responses to quickly make any necessary edits or updates as needed. Streamlined response management made simple!

“EsquireTek has saved us time and money and makes it so much easier to communicate with our clients. Highly recommend.”

Arthur D.

Managing Partner

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