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We have answered several common questions about EsquireTek below. If there is anything unanswered here, please contact us.

YES! It’s completely free to create an account and if you choose the PAY AS YOU GO option, you will receive 5 free documents, which you can use in any combination of shells or discovery. TekSign and Medical Summaries do not include free trials and TekSign is $1.95 per use.

First, you create an account by clicking SIGN UP in the top right corner, fill in the required information, choose your pay option and you are off to the races! If you need help, you can schedule a demo anytime by clicking here.

You can also visit our Tek Academy on YouTube.

To run your first discovery set, just click CLIENTS to create a client file, then click CASES and create a case for that client. Once the case is created, click on the case file and you will be taken to our discovery page where you can start uploading!

If you are the admin of your account, you can change your plan anytime by clicking on SETTINGS in the navigation bar. Once in the settings tab, you will see a CHANGE PLAN button. Depending on the plan you are on, if you change your plan, your new plan will start at the new billing cycle.

Whether you choose the unlimited monthly or unlimited yearly, you will have the ability to run an endless number of documents per month and create any number of user accounts. The only difference is the price. A monthly unlimited is $300/month with a month-to-month contract. The yearly option is $2988/year ($249/month) and is on an annual contract.

You can change it manually on any screen within the system. At the top of your screen, you will see a key icon next to your email address. Click on the key and a screen will pop up, prompting you to change your password.

A “shell” will take the questions that are extracted, put them into a properly formatted Word document and allow you to type in your responses on the Word document. If you want to use the text messaging feature and our proprietary one-click objections, you won’t be able to do so in the If you type your answers into the LAWYER RESPONSE box on our website, save them as final, and click CREATE DISCOVERY, it will print a template that includes all the, questions that were extracted and answers within the LAWYER RESPONSE box. For PAY AS YOU GO clients, the shell is $9.95 and the CREATE DISCOVERY is $14.95. If you are on a monthly or yearly plan, they are unlimited.

If you are a civil litigator, then EsquireTek is for you! We have a myriad of lawyers who use us for their discovery needs. Personal injury and employment lawyers make up the majority of our users, but we also have plenty of family law lawyers, business litigators, insurance defense lawyers, and government entity lawyers. EsquireTek is available in California, Tennessee and Texas. We anticipate being in several states in the future.

We have a HIPAA compliant team of 15 lawyers overseas who will take your complex and voluminous medical records and create a chronological summary for you. For those who work in medical malpractice, personal injury, or any type of work that requires reading and organizing medical records, our team of medical record experts can help save you a ton of time.

TekSign is our proprietary feature that allows you to have your clients sign verifications through their cell phone. Your client will receive a secure text message link, and upon entering the portal, they will have a chance to review all questions and answers, sign with their finger and click SEND. Once the client is finished, you will receive a PDF with their verifications to discovery. The charge for this service is $1.95 per TekSign for pay-as-you-go customers or free with a monthly or annual subscription.

Your client will receive both a text message and an email with a link. For security reasons, your client will receive a 4-digit code that must be entered to access the client portal. The 4-digit code is only sent by text message. The client receives one text that includes both the link and the code; however, if the client does not receive the text, please double check that the phone number was entered correctly. If it was entered correctly and they are still not receiving the text, then it is likely they are using a VOIP phone number. Please have your client use a mobile phone number.

You can for some. If you are sending your client Form Interrogatories, you can send them in Spanish. We do not have Spanish available for Special Interrogatories, Request for Production of Documents, or Request for Admissions.

We are so sorry to hear that! We have an artificial intelligence system that is getting better every day. We cannot promise that all documents work, but as the system sees different variations of documents, it will get better and better. Please email the document that failed to support@esquiretek.com and we will have our team work on getting it fixed.

As of now, this is only for responding to discovery. There are new features being released quarterly and we are sure we will have a solution for propounding discovery very soon.

Yes, we support federal documents.

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