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Top 5 Things You Can Do To Future Proof Your Law Firm

Migrate to the cloud Most law firms are already on a cloud server in one way or another. They either use something cheap and easy like Google Drive, Dropbox or Box, or they use a case management platform like Clio, … Read More

Is an Electronic Signature Legally Binding?

Like most legal answers – the answer is “it depends.” There are two major pieces of legislation that introduced the use of electronic signatures into our mainstream lives – (1) Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and (2) Electronic Signature in … Read More

Mental Health – Check On Your Support Staff

A recent blog in the American Bar Association highlights a topic that is rarely discussed – mental health for paralegals. It’s widely accepted that mental health for attorneys is important. It’s often a crude joke about how attorneys will “die … Read More

USA Today: The Top 15 Attorneys Disrupting the Legal Industry to Make it Better

Pratik H. Shah founded a successful law firm in Southern California and made a pronounced career out of going up against the billion-dollar bullies known as insurance companies. Noticing a definite need in the law-firm work day, Shah launched EsquireTek, … Read More

What Does the Future Hold for the Legal Profession?

Part time lawyers? Practicing from the beach? Meetings in the virtual world? All of that is possible and on the horizon. It’s a brave new world – we will never go back. In the year 1519, Hernan Cortes and some … Read More

Forum: Legal Tech and Ethics

No one believes in the power of technology more than Bob Simon and he is all in on EsquireTek. This groundbreaking software will enable small firms and solos to compete with anyone on any level. It’s the fastest way to … Read More

Meet and Confer – Discovery Responses

Upon receipt of an opposing parties’ discovery responses, your countdown to compel further responses begins. The motion to compel further responses has to be brought within 45 days of service of the response (§CCP 2030.300). Thus, you should meet and … Read More

Discovery Deadlines – Written Discovery

Plaintiff may serve discovery on another party 10 days after service of the complaint. (CCP §2030.020, 2031.020). A Defendant may serve discovery at any time. (CCP §2030.020). A Party has 30 days to respond to written discovery. For example, if … Read More

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